Saturday, October 1, 2022

Day Two - Missing Bowls of Porridge, Homegrown Salad and Spinach Au Gratin


Now this is getting silly ... after taking this photo and drinking this coffee I DEFINITELY took a photo of my bowl of porridge and its accompanying apple, but it has vanished!!

You will have to imagine a green Beryl ware bowl filled right to the brim with porridge... yes, I made my usual portion forgeting that the bowl was smaller ...  and sitting just behind it was a red apple.

There that was breakfast, doesn't it look lovely.  😁

Thankfully my camera did not delete the photos of my lunch.

I took my inspiration from this recipe and started with a grated carrot, then I went off on a tangent and replaced cabbage with leaves and cucumber from the Victory Garden, a single spring onion finely sliced and the merest hint of a bit of spread to stick everything to the bread.

Oh, it was tasty, very fall-y apart-y but tasty.

While I was out in the garden gathering in lunch, I picked all the remaining usable tomatoes and brought them in.  Some might ripen a bit more with the help of the few red ones I already had, but the majority will be turned into some Green Tomato Chutney to help fill my store-cupboard for winter.

I decided the next job was to process all the scrumped apples.

It didn't take long.  All the cores and peels were put into a bag and popped into the freezer, when I have more time I will make a batch of Compost Jelly, a nice mild fruity jelly/jam that's made from all the odds and ends of fruit and peelings strained so that none of the pips or bits get through.  

More food for the winter stores.

Once stewed into a glorious mushy, lumpy mess I filled one large and two small enamel pie dishes and then decided to put in some of the blackberries from the freezer into the hot apples.

For my evening meal I had chosen another recipe from the Food Facts book, this time a healthy sounding Spinach au Gratin, I decided to accompany it with a simple baked potato.

... the last line over the page reads: 'moderate oven for about 20 minutes to crisp the top and blend the flavours well'.

They were all cooked at once in the oven to save on wartime/modern fuel costs, although I did zap the potato briefly in the microwave so that I didn't need to have the oven on for too long.

My tea was tasty and very filling, but somehow didn't quite sit right, I don't know how to improve on it really, perhaps some other vegetables mixed in with the spinach.  I will have another go at it with some tweaks though, as I could almost feel the mass of greens doing me good.

Oh, the large crumble turned out lovely, unfortunately I was too full to eat it, even later for supper.

So I ended the day as I had begun it with a nice cup of coffee.

Sue x


  1. It is so evident that these meals are designed to fill the tummy, I would love all of them, I too would like another veg in the spinach gratin for a different texture.

    1. They are filling, and unexpectedly after a few days of eating this way I am sleeping really well and have lost one pound in weight, so a good result all round.

  2. That all looks delicious (including the invisible breakfast!!)
    Would a bit of the grated carrot help your Spinach Gratin?

    1. Grated wouldn't work as it would be echoing the mushy texture of the spinach, but blanched little cubes of carrot might work. Thanks for the idea. :-)

  3. It all looks delicious and very colourful, which I love, but I would want a bit more cheese on the spinach gratin, I think, and maybe a bit of onion? The crumble is very, very, tempting ;)
    It must be a healthy way of eating if you are sleeping better too.

    1. I just want to try and make my cheese last all week. Of course, there is some more cheese in the sauce that the spinach is stirred through so there was definintely enough of a cheese flavour overall. That crumble was gorgeous, and Alan got a portion too so he was very happy.

  4. Coffee is great for punctuating the day!
    Loving the meal photos, thanks. xx

  5. A tasty day for sure. I'm loving using all my Woods Ware, it's a shame I don't have any of the Iris (blue) to complete my little collections. The pale yellow is called Jasmine.


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