Why am I doing this?

 I have set myself the Challenge of living off a modern version of wartime rationing.  The reason I want to do this is to show myself that it is possible to live off less, to enjoy what I have and to eat simply and healthily on limited ingredients and foods.

It is for my own record and education, and while the blog is open to the public now it will be reverted to Private if there is too much criticism of my diet, my choices or my methods.  This is not designed to educate others or tell others what to do, eat, use or wear ... it is my Modern Rationing Online Diary.

A good summation of the rationing during WW2.

Things varied slightly during the war years, so I have taken Marguerite Patten's figures for 1942 as my baseline.

My typical weeks ration.

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Why no tea on my ration?

As tea makes me physically ill and has done since the age of 13, I cannot include this on my rations.  I will instead take the same weight in instant coffee each week and an extra 4ozs once a month in place of the Camp Coffee.


Why is there no meat allowance on my rations?

I do not eat meat.


Why are there dairy replacements on my rations?

I am dairy intolerant.


Why are there Vegan Sausages on my rations?

I have decided this time that I will follow the Vegetarian wartime rations, but as I do not eat eggs (a vegetarian would have had two eggs per week when they were available alongside a monthly box equivalent to 12 dried eggs) I have decided to instead give myself a regular allowance of 2 vegan sausages a week, and an occasional pack of vegan ham.


Who can take part in the Giveaways?

Anyone who has clicked on the Follower button on the right-hand sidebar may leave a comment and take part in the draws for the various Giveaways that will take place over the lifetime of this blog.  Giveaways are open to all Followers no matter where they are in the world.


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