Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Day Twelve - Fresh Food Shopping and Second Giveaway

I didn't need much fresh food, so I didn't buy much!!

I would much rather use up what I already have in the fridge and the cupboard than shop to excess, if there's one thing that living on rations ... even modern ones ... is teaching me is that you need very little to make tasty and filling meals.

The nearest bread I could find to the National Loaf this week was this small Rustic Loaf from Aldi.  I thought it was unsliced until I got it home, then I found I had the luxury of ready sliced bread for the next few days.

It made a very tasty slice of toast for my breakfast this morning.

The lighting in this photo is very 1940's isn't it ... it's just how it looks in my little kitchen at 6am with the door curtains closed and the side light on.

Not too long after breakfast I decided to peel and cook the last potato from my first week's fresh food shopping so it could cool down ready to go into a pasty for my lunch.  I made some pastry with one and a half ounces of my butter and 3oz of flour and left that to chill in the fridge.

When lunchtime came around, I found I simply wasn't hungry, so I made up the pasty as per my plans with the last of the baked beans and the now cooled and mashed potato ... but I put it back into the fridge for my tea instead. 

It was delicious and enormous, and in a health-conscious frame of mind I quickly cooked up some cabbage with a tiny knob of butter.  I've been sadly lacking in my greens this week.

There was no way I could finish all that huge pasty, so I have leftovers for tea tomorrow night.

Now it's time for this week's Giveaway

This is what I am giving away to one blog reader this week.

A lovely little book with lots of interesting information about the wartime rationing years and a good selection of recipes.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning it, all you have to do is to be a Subscriber of this blog and simply leave a comment on THIS post only saying Please Enter Me in the Draw.

I will post anywhere, so there are no UK limitations.  Good Luck.

Sue xx


  1. Please Enter Me in the Draw

    I would love to have this book! Your ration meals are all so tempting, Sue, and I've finally got G to try things he wouldn't usually eat, he's even said that I can order LENTILS in this week's shopping to put in the quorn cottage pie (shocked face!)

    I LOVE this blog :)

  2. Please enter me in the drawer.
    I’ve been reading your blog for years Sue and I think your rationing ones and minimal spend challenges have been my favorite. I learnt so many new ideas and been reminded of many things my dear Gran used to make. I would love to win this book.

    1. Sorry forgot to add my name, google won’t let me sign in for some reason. - Amanda

  3. Please Enter Me in the Draw

    If I am not chosen I suspect there will be a purchase anyway - I have now read the lovely Imperial War Museum books you recommended and they are wonderful, but I already knew you don't suggest books unless they are goodies 🙂

    1. Yes, I bought a cooking in rations book as shown by Sue and it’s great. Sarah in Buckinghamshire.

  4. Please enter me in the draw. I am fascinated by this challenge though I haven't started it yet.
    My challenge is to use up freezer and store cupboard goods.
    During COVID lockdown I overstocked because I couldn't go shopping myself and panicked
    that we would starve!

  5. Sorry I have just entered a comment and asked to be entered in the draw.
    I thought my name would attach itself.
    I'm Sue (Beachcomber)

  6. Another lovely giveaway but I won’t go into the draw thank you having been last week’s winner. Catriona

  7. Goodness what an enormous pasty ! Isn't it so satisfying to make meals out of so little , as him indoors is a T. Rex and I'm a Diplodocus I often do different meals, just a few leftover veg and pasta made me three meals and that's after looking in the 'fridge thinking there was nothing for me. I have had a prize recently so I won't enter but thank you for the opportunity x

  8. I would love this book. Thanks for offering to post it to the US if I win.

  9. Please enter me in the draw. I always find your Challenges inspiring, Sue, especially this one as I'm now vegetarian and trying to save money on food (and everything else!). Thanks xx

  10. It's great that you are happy to make up small amounts of pastry , I'm so lazy with that sort of thing - although, the pasty certainly looks bigger than 3 oz of flours worth!
    Alison in Wales x

  11. Please enter me in the draw - it looks such a very interesting book.
    That pasty looks absolutely delicious. I do love a bit of pastry now and again. xx

  12. I am enjoying this blog so much. Thanks, Would love to have that book.

  13. Please enter me in the drawer. Cant change to show me name.Sarah in Buckinghamshire.x

  14. please enter me in the drawer, your latest challenge is very interesting x

  15. That is one big pasty and having it with some greens was perfect.

    God bless.


    Everyone's name that wanted to be entered into the draw was written on a slip of paper and next time Alan passes by he will be picking the winner out of the pot ... I couldn't find a hat!!



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