Thursday, October 13, 2022

Day Fourteen - Use it Up, and Enjoy ... and This Week's Giveaway Winner


The last day of my second week of living on My Modern Wartime Rations.  

I really like the last day of the week; it means I can use up some of the things that I might have been quite strict with myself over the week ... and this week I have been pretty careful with my butter.  So I decided a real treat of a breakfast was called for.


However, you say it ... whether it rhymes with stone or gone ... they are delicious and a real wartime suitable recipe if you follow the one that I use.  The main ingredient is flour which was not rationed during the war years.

My Scone Recipe

8oz Flour
2oz butter or spread
1oz Sugar
and a pinch of salt

Rub the butter into the flour, add the pinch of salt ... and if you want to you can add a few sultanas now ... I meant to do this as I have them in my points shopping for the week, but I forgot, it was breakfast time after all!!

Add just enough milk to bring the dry mixture together and lightly make it into a ball.  I just flattened this out with my hands and divided it into four quarters.  But you can cut out with a cutter if you are so inclined.  My way means less washing up and no re-rolling of bits 😁

Brush with milk and bake in a hot oven (220c/200fan, 425f and Gas 7) for around 20-25 minutes.

Leave to cool slightly, or as long as you can wait and then enjoy.

I went berserk and used up all my remaining fat ration.

And then took the remaining two scones to Alan for his elevenses before I got tempted to eat all four.

Lunch was one of the frozen soup portions and some of the croutons I made at the beginning of the week.  They were so dried out that they just floated.  I had to submerge them myself.  A really good success then, as being this dry they should be happy in the cupboard for quite a while.

The two croutons on the edge of the tub lid were treats for the dogs, who also agreed that they made a tasty nibble.

For tea it was the leftover pasty, served with a salad this time.

A very successful food day, with three tasty meals that I really enjoyed.  Maybe I didn't quite get all of my five-a-day but with the vegetable soup that was high in greens and a nice salad it wasn't too bad.

Giveaway Draw

I decided to go all old-school for the giveaway draw this week as Google was playing up for lots of you and not letting you add your names to your comments, resulting in the occasional two comments for one request to be entered.

So, I wrote all the entrants names on pieces of paper, popped them into a pot, and asked Alan to pick a name out of it after a good rummage without looking ...

... he picked out Sue - Beachcomber

If you can get in touch via the Contact Form at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar Sue, I will post off your little book as quickly as I can.

Thanks to everyone who entered and there will be another giveaway very soon.

Sue xx


  1. A day of lovely tasty meals. Now I am off to make scones!

    1. I know!! I only have to see a photo of a scone and I want one. :-)

  2. I had really forgotten how easy scones are to make. Must have a go at the weekend.
    Your pasty and salad looks delicious too.
    Congratulations to Beachcomber on being drawn out of the 'hat'!

    1. I'd forgotten until I started this challenge just how easy and quick it is just to do a simple bit of rubbing in, and how much better home-made pastry tastes when compared to the shop bought ready-rolled stuff that I have been lazily using recently.

    2. Thank you so much I am really excited.
      I never win draws!

  3. I really enjoy making meals out of what's left, it is satisfying and usually yummy , the soup I made yesterday has made 5 portions for the freezer and contain lentils and brown rice so a good meal for me with bread, since reducing my portions and being more frugal, the food is going much further. We have a Morrisons and Aldi in our town, we have just been to Aldi and spent £22.89, I have done a like for like comparison with Morrisons and it came to £33.67, a huge difference !!!! Your scones look delicious , would they freeze well ?

    1. That's a massive saving, it's well worth shopping around isn't it.

      All scones freeze really well, whether they are cooked or uncooked. I sometimes make up a batch to have in the freezer uncooked and then just pop them in a hot oven a couple at a time when I'm cooking something else. They cook from frozen in just about five minutes longer than usual.

  4. I have filled in the comment form for the draw Sue as you requested but I'm not sure if it went.
    Thank you so much for the book. It is my first win in a draw!

  5. Congratulations, Sue.

    The scones (to thyme with gone(s) ) look delicious. What a fab breakfast! xx

    1. I used to say 'scone - rhymes with stone' when I was growing up and then switched to 'scone-rhymes with gone' as an adult, it just never felt right saying it the first way even though that's how I was taught to say it by my Mum.

  6. Goodness, I am very impressed you can make scones that early in the day! I can barely make coffee 🤪
    Congratulations to Sue an I hope she enjoys your book.

    1. I think scones are one of the few things I can bake in the morning. And just the thought of them fresh from the oven in the time it takes me to drink the first coffee of the day is all the encouragement I need. And of course, they go so well with the second cup of coffee :-)


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