Saturday, October 15, 2022

Day Sixteen - This Week's Rations


It was only when I came to get my spread out of the fridge for this morning's breakfast that I realised that I hadn't weighed out this week's rations yet.


I've almost got it sorted in my head now and I've started just topping up the things in my containers with the new rations.  Isn't it easy with scales that you can just zero once you've stood something on them, they are a real modern game-changer.  So, another 2oz of oil went into my oil pouring bottle.

8oz sugar went into my sugar jar.

2oz of coffee topped up my coffee jar.

I'm surprised that I use less than 2oz of instant coffee each week, it's been a pleasant revelation.

Another 4oz of dairy free cheese was weighed out and added to the cheese leftover from last week.  I'll be able to treat myself to a good cheese and onion sandwich this week with all this cheese available. 😃

So, including all that I have weighed out and this week's carton of milk, along with the two sausages and four slices of Vegan Quorn Ham replacing the two eggs that vegetarians received instead of a meat ration, here are my rations for Week Three of the Challenge.

Oops ... how did I forget my 2oz sweet ration.

Each week I have been rummaging around for sweets that I already had in instead of buying sweets, and it seems that I have finally exhausted all but a couple more lemon sherbets, and as I still have last week's lemon sherbets in the tin, I searched high and low for something else.  I found the only bit of chocolate that I have left in the house, and look ... it weighs almost 2oz.  

That will do nicely then. 😄

This week is going to be a very cheesy and sausage-y week as when I went to put my two new available sausages into the freezer ...

... I found that last weeks were still there!!

So now it's time to write out this week's menu plan and make sure that I make good use of all my new foods and the leftovers and things in the freezer.

I'm going away for a couple of days now, so I will pick up where I am leaving off on my return.

Sue xx


  1. How gratifying to have food left over, means you can indulge this week. Cheesy sounds lovely! Now I'm not eating meat, I find I'm eating more cheese. Enjoy your couple of days away, and I hope your Mum is feeling better every day.

    1. I think the eating out has meant that my rations have lasted better than they should have, there should be less of that in future, so maybe I will have to be a little bit more careful.

  2. Have a lovely weekend away, look forward to seeing your menu plan for next week (yes, I admit there may be some copying-of-a-sort going on 😉)

    1. I should photograph my menu's it's something that I have completely forgotten to do, sorry. It was a good weekend, a little blast from the past and very necessary.

  3. It's encouraging to know that you have food left over from last week when you have never felt really hungry. You must be doing things well!
    Enjoy your couple of days away, Sue, I hope your mum is feeling so much better too

    1. It's nice to know that I have things left over, I do feel that I should be using what I have better though. I must make more of an effort.

      Mum is doing better physically, but she seems very confused these days, a worrying turn of events.

  4. How wonderful that you had remaining rations from last week. Stretching things so you can add and perhaps have a "cheesy" day sounds wonderful.

    God bless.

    1. It's finding the happy medium isn't it, not scrimping too much that I don't enjoy what I make and not using too much of something that I run out of it. Something that housewives and those on the Home Front must have quickly gotten very used to doing during the rationing years.

  5. I did, thank you. Now I'm back and raring to go. :-)


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