Monday, October 24, 2022

Day Twenty-Two - Giveaway Result ... and It's All Over For Now


Weetabix for breakfast ...

Followed by toast and jam and a cup of coffee.

It had to be done, after all you do have to sample the goods don't you.  The jam was delicious, slightly too sweet for me but very tasty.  I usually add a good dash of lemon juice to my jams to take the edge of the sweetness but of course I had no lemons or lemon juice on my rations.

The final giveaway from this rationing challenge is this pack of replica wartime ephemera. 

And the random number generator picked out comment number one, which was Joy.

So, if you can send me your address Joy, I will get you little bundle of goodies off to you as soon as I can.  You can leave your address as a comment as I have temporarily changed the comment settings so that they will all be monitored by me before publication ... and obviously I won't share your address with the world.  Once I have written out your envelope, I will delete the comment and reset the comments back to normal.  Thanks.

Unfortunately, I have decided to end this Challenge here and resume my normal way of eating and shopping.  It's been a really good thing to do but in these times of economic change I want to be able to buy and store more of the foods that I usually buy and eat, while I am still able to get them at reasonable prices. 

During the Challenge I have felt it was wrong to do this, so I have been spending my usual housekeeping money on items for the local Foodbank trolley, which of course I will continue to do but to a slightly lesser extent.

Thanks to everyone that has followed along and left some amazing comments. After a short break from blogging, I will be back on my other blog on a regular basis.

Sue xx 


  1. It was interesting following this challenge and I look forward to reading your original blog after your break, well done you !

  2. Very sensible decision Sue, right now stocking up when we see things on offer is absolutely the right thing to do.

  3. Stocking up here as well. Things seem to be going up each and every day.

    God bless.

  4. Very sensible decision, Sue, and you have done well in the challenge. Catriona

  5. Totally agree about the need to stock up. Well done for the challenge - very interesting and ' food for thought '
    Alison in Wales x

  6. I totally understand your decision, Sue, and think its very wise to stock up on food before the bad weather sets in. This challenge has been fascinating to read about and you have done so well. Look forward to seeing you later x

  7. How lovely, thanks very much, Sue.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed your rationing experiment and, as always, learnt new things, but I totally get your reasoning and agree that stocking up is a very wise things to do at the moment.
    Enjoy your break. xx


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