Sunday, August 28, 2022

Getting Back on the Rations


And the last post was just where this particular blog just ended.

Without a word of a goodbye!!

Gosh that was so rude of me ... I apologise and hope to rectify that in the very near future with a resurrection of my modern style of rationing.

My only defence for the vanishing act was the sudden lockdowns and the changes they caused, and then my back breaks and a whole new way of me having to live.  

But life goes on ... and so do blogs.

So ... it's time for me to dig out my books, ration, recipe and inspirational.  

Re-watch some of my favourite 'how to' DVD's and generally get myself back in the mindset of shopping better, spending less and eating more in-season vegetables.

I will be back on the rations ... soon.  

In the meantime I will be tweaking this blog to make it relevant to my new life now and the times we are facing with the current rising cost of living and fuel price hikes, alongside actual wars causing so much heartache in the world.

So if you think you might like to Follow along once I get this blog up and running properly why not click the Follower button on the right-hand sidebar and I will see if this is actually of interest to anyone.  But I might just chatter away to myself anyway ... I'm good at that.  😀

Sue xx