Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Week Three - Rationed Foods


At last I got round to actually getting my food weighed out and ready for use, and you'll see a surprise addition this week ... I have one egg!!

  One egg per week per person was the usual ration although at some points in the war it went down to one egg per person per fortnight.  I don't usually eat eggs, but as we now have no cockerel and our last laying girl is doing such a sterling job I thought for the next five weeks (that's how many eggs I have), I would share some wartime suitable recipes that include eggs.

Once they have gone I now have the added advantage of a couple of boxes of 'dried egg' that I found in Asda ... totally suitable for vegans.

I have stopped weighing out the coffee as I have discovered that my 2oz of allowable coffee in place of the tea ration that I cannot drink fills this little jar nicely and I have never managed to reach the bottom of it yet.  So each week I will just top it up from the large jar in my cupboard.  If I do run out I still have the whole of the 4oz that are part of my monthly rations in place of the Camp Coffee.

Also pictured are my two Linda McCartney vegan sausages and my carton of Almond Milk.

Here for posterity are this weeks weights and measures -

4oz Margarine 

- added to what was already in the butter dish.

4oz Bacon/Ham 

 The smidge of additional weight is the packaging.

3oz Cheese

This week some more of my ready grated Mozzarella style.

4oz Oil

 This is instead of the 2oz butter and 2oz lard.  I just topped up last weeks bottle, I'm topping things up as the contents are all being bought from the same bottles and packets.

8oz Sugar

This is the last of my sugar from the cupboard, as I haven't been using much up to now I think I will just keep a note in my book of any future 8oz's until I actually need to go out and buy some for use.

My 3oz Sweetie Ration

Such an important part of the ration, a smidge under ... but I will survive.   😀

Sue xx


  1. Brilliant - I think my brain might explode with all the info. It's so very interesting!

    1. I do feel like that at times, but breaking it down into weeks and meals, and menu planning is helping to get me into a routine.

  2. I do so admire your planning and willpower ( I may be presumptuous by saying willpower, I know I would have to use all of mine ).I am trying to lose weight and failing miserably and I do have a LOT to lose, seeing your food laid out and your meal plan really does bring it home to me how much I do eat and as all my attempts at dieting are hopeless I am thinking the way you are eating would help, I couldn't do what you are doing but I could apply the principals.Thank you for sharing your journey, it is so interesting , especially comparing it to our world choices and wastefulness.

    1. To be honest after the first week I have not had to rely on willpower, if I get the nibbles I just grab myself a carrot or some celery or make a cup of coffee and get on with something else ... and of course there's always toast!!

  3. Are you finding that you are not using all the ration of certain foods? I find that very interesting if not.

    God bless.

    1. Not all the spread or oil, and definitely not much of the sugar. I use about half of the milk I'm allowed at the moment, but this may change if I buy some cereal with my Points allowance next month.

  4. All your rations laid out like that seem very little for a week. I suppose vegetables would be the mainstay of meals, presuming you could actually obtain them. I can happily eat a main meal consisting of veg and gravy but not everyone would be happy with that. There seems to be a fair amount of sugar, although not enough sweeties for G!! Your planning skills are amazing, Sue, I look forward to seeing your meals in action! Thank you for starting this wonderfully interesting challenge x

    1. Looking at the rationed foods it does seem a really small amount, but once you add in carrots, potatoes and other seasonal vegetables that were rarely in short supply, it does start to look a lot more bountiful. I am still using up some of the vegetables from my first week and I've found out I'm not a big fan of cabbage ... even when cooked the wartime way in minimal water ... which was supposed to make it 'delicious'.

      I guess these days we are used to getting most of our sugar in our processed foods and cereals etc but back in the war years everything was made from scratch and sugar would have been mostly used for sweetening tea and coffee and in baking. I don't take sugar or milk in my coffee which means I just don't use up all my rations.

      I keep forgetting to photograph my meals, but I will see what I have stored up to now and show you some of them.

  5. You are very disciplined! As someone else stated - it looks so meagre! And very beige.
    I know that the lack of protein and fat was what people missed - do you find it difficult to get enough protein as a vegan?
    My biggest issue right now is trying to get enough fat - I eat low carb & moderate protein and I love eggs and cheese! I remember one diet plan I followed for months where eggs were banned - I started to dream about a plate of scrambled eggs instead of chocolate!

    1. Nope, not at all, every single foodstuff has protein in it except for fats and sugar, so over the course of a day with three meals I get all I need. The Quorn slices and the sausages in particular are quite high in protein and if I feel I need a boost I have nuts and seeds etc. AND of course there is my obsession with peanut butter and hummus :-)

      I haven't eaten an egg for quite a while so it will be interesting to see how I get on with them over the next few weeks. This of course is my last chance to eat eggs that I know the background of, I would never buy them from the shops.

  6. You are very disciplined. You can see when you look at rations why people not only became very inventive they were ready to dig up their gardens and plant food.

    1. Yes, knowing you had food growing in your garden or allotment, and perhaps a few hens for eggs would have made the world of difference wouldn't it. 🙂


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