Friday, January 22, 2021

Shopping, Not Shopping


I've not been out shopping for well over a week now, there's just been no need to.  

Anything I have run out of food wise or other I have been able to cobble together from something else ... no tissues, use a toilet roll instead for instance, low on washing up liquid, water down what I have and wash up once a day instead of two or three times, there's ways and means to avoid the shops if you think about it.  

And passing Booth's supermarket this morning on our doggy walk the queue was a socially distanced version of this wartime queue.  The other main difference being that once everyone got into the shop there would have been lots of food for them to choose from and no-one would have come away disappointed.

It puts a lot of things into perspective doesn't it.

Using up almost the last of my vegetables I put together a mix for a soup yesterday.

The weight shows that I have almost six of my 'five a day' in this one bowl, so splitting it into two or three meals means each one has two or thereabouts.  I'm doing my best even if I don't always get it right.

A very modern way of making soup,  but it saves on gas here in the flat which is my biggest expense.  A quick chopping session and then half an hour in the soup maker ... which also whizzes it up for me as I prefer my soups thick and smooth ... and I have my lunch for two days.

Plus, as long as I remember to fish out a ladle or two full of the mix before whizzing it means I also have the filling for a pie or pasty.  I have done this at least once every week since I started the Challenge.  A bit of pastry turns anything into a tasty and filling meal.

This soup was gorgeous, a real success.

Sue xx


  1. When I make soup, I always save a ladle-full the freezer....ideal for the 'gravy bit' when making pie fillings. M

  2. I do the same as Eloise with a small pot of soup for thickening other things. Your soup looks delicious.

  3. Yummy and I bet really filling.

    God bless.

  4. Very economical I would venture and a good pie later. Yum.

  5. Great idea to keep some of the soup for pie! I made stew last night for Elder Son & me (mixed veg with tvp chunks, dumplings on top) & have enough to do pie for tonight.

  6. I go the opposite way - I save gravy that is left from things like a pot of stew or sausage casserole - freeze i until later - then thin it with some broth (or stock cube & water), add some more veg and call it soup!


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